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Draping and drafting a pattern from scratch – that’s what I’ll decided to do for Fearless February. Although I’ll be starting next week on 2 of my fearless projects. I have a few project deadlines to get through this week.

My comment is there on Victoria’s blog in black and white. As Dr Phil says “What were you thinking?”

1: Drafting:
So I have lace pieces in the fabric stash that I’d like to work on and TJ from The Perfect Nose enabled me last month with this perfect starting point – Enid Gilchrist!

I could try the easy route and make this ‘beach dress’ in soft, cool eyelet fabric for our humid summer weather.

However, being Fearless February, I’ll make the day dress and use eyelet or lace fabric. I have had one attempt at drafting this dress for a 36″ bust today. Fearless. Test dress is ready to cut out.

2: Showerproof Minoru #2
I made Minoru #2 because I’ve never used PUL fabric so this was a new experience. I was being fearless.  I used Tasia’s tutorials to make  this version better than Minoru #1. I wear Minoru #1 a lot. And this piece was finished early Feb to coincide with Deb’s Sew Grateful week. Thank you for your comments throughout Sew Grateful week.

3: Draping and lace
And Victoria has been waving draping resources at us over the last few months so I’ll have to do some reading and give draping a go later in Feb. I have Draping for apparel design by Helen Joseph-Armstrong on my desk.

Maybe I can use a Jungle remnants again. Thanks again for the lovely comments about the jungle prints I made last month. I have to focus on lace because not sewing with Jungle prints is going to be a hard habit to break.
Have you seen the inaugural Annie Awards yet? A true spotted carpet event.

However I did discover winter jungle prints…in my stash.


Sew Grateful – Minoru #2

This post is for Deb’s Sew Grateful week projects made using others tutorials or posts. Most of this Minoru was sewn following Tasia’s tutes and using PUL fabric. This version was my first experience using showerproof fabric. The listing of finished Minorus are on this post from over 60 sewers.

Here’s a link to my first Minoru (below). This version continues to be a well worn and much-loved  jacket.
Last week I gathered my notions for a showerproof Minoru and got started. I bought the 2 zips I needed from MyHung Parramatta – $1 each. 
On the weekend our summer weather was cool and changeable so I spent the time to sew in 5 zippers before the main construction steps. The pattern only requires 2 zips.

– Two internal zippers on the inside pockets
– Two zippers on the outside welt pockets
– One long zipper on the collar to store the hood.
The 6th zip is the 70cm front zip. I sewed that in on Tuesday night using a zipper foot.

Using run-of-the-mill sticky tape is worthwhile when sewing PUL.
The Minoru doesn’t have external pockets and the internal pockets are designed to have velcro closures. I added the external pockets because that’s what I want in a casual jacket.
I’ll have to work on inserting zippers into pockets a bit more. You can see I learnt very little from a zipper workshop I went to last year.

The lining is a polyester chiffon remnant for the body and a rayon remnant for the sleeves. That’s all I had in my stash but the colours were the same. Both are remnants from Pitt Trading.

I got excited that these pockets worked.
I’ve used the rayon as bias binding feature around the internal pockets and along the inside of zipper placket. This is a finish I enjoy wearing.
I took this shot so you can see the fine, soft gathers.
 Sewing PUL:
  • This is the first time I’ve used PUL showerproof fabric – bought from Green Beans Aust
  • The fabric base is a knit structure but the showerproof side is like rubber. At least that’s how it reacted to the iron XD
  • PUL is very easy to sew – just don’t pull it to hard when you’re sewing it.
  • When you sew with it, creases appear but don’t be fooled by the fabric.
  • And lower the feed dogs on your machine 1 notch so you can control the fabric flowing through the machine.
  • You might think sewing PUL is overwhelming. It’s doable.

Rain proofing:
For details on how to make your rainproof jacket more rainproof and profession, go to, Caroline of Little Package. She did this guest useful post during the Minoru Sewaholic Sewalong last year. Caroline really knows her stuff. she’s smart, practical and adventurous.
And Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn has also perfected rain proofing jackets.

Sew Grateful – tutorial – Pattern magic

Today I’m sharing or resharing the work I tested out 3 Pattern Magic ideas.
Click here to read about this again.
This is the Bamboo shoot version that I’ve done for you.

Using a basic block to mark the folds.

Cutting and spreading the folds

Drawing the opened pattern onto a new piece of paper for the material.

Here’s the test version that made me realise you sew folds not darts! Doh!!
And I’ve used this on the Colette Peony dress.

The Bamboo shoot folds were a real learning experience. I also added folds on the sleeve too.

Showing off the back finish, because I loved how it turned out.

The Pattern Magic flickr group is where you should head to next for more real Pattern Magicians.

On Sew Grateful, Wednesday is the Sharing Day!

Sew Grateful giveaway

Here are the patterns I’m happy to giveaway as a job lot or separately.  Australia and New Zealand commenters only because of high postage costs.

KwikSew 2419 was bought to make leggings for a dance troupe about 15 years ago. Sizes 8 – 14.
Simplicity 7870 was meant as a basic for DN, but she grew faster than I could get around to using it. Sizes 8 – 14.

A funny thing happened when I ordered McCalls 3436. I ordered 2 copies so this is one of them. It has sizes 12 – 16.

They’ve all lived is a smoke free home with lots of laughter :))Leave your interest by 10 February.

This is my contribution to Deb’s Sew Grateful Week.

Sew Grateful week – Reflection

Sewing was an activity of construction and socialisation at school.

Then I became a Home Ec teacher so teaching sewing became my full-time job. Job and a slow career! That’s when I decided my sewing passion and hobby needed to stay that way because there was more work than the rewards.

But sewing gave me a decent work and formal wardrobe and it still does. Even the family has had token sewing from me.

Now I’m thankful I have access to the local and online sewing community. I’ve been blown away by the generosity of many sewing bloggers. There have been a few Threads articles and patterns from generous sewers arrive via snail mail.
I’d like stay in touch with the sewing skills from the 40s, 50s and 60s because we’re still use those skills.

Learning everyday is what I enjoy.
PS: this is my contribution to Deb’s Sew Grateful week

*All images remain the property of their owners.

Thanks Anne!

What you’re looking at is a lovely thank you card and 12 turtle buttons heading towards a jungle pen necklace.

They’re a thoughtful gift from the Jungle Queen herself – the lovely Anne from Pretty Grievances. She put out the Jungle call and many joined in. Everyone who did looked fabulous and Anne encouraged us to use our ideas and we learnt a few style pointers so jungle prints would work for us – and our families in some cases. 

You gotta see for yourself if you missed it. Cheers Anne.

PS: If you want a free lingerie pattern go to Fehr Trade. Melissa is hosting Lingerie week.

Spotted by Rebecca

Wandering into Metro Fabrics to contemplate making lingerie, Rebecca looked at me and said “I know you”. And she does – through these posts. Then it felt like I was meeting up with a long lost friend. She’s been very succesful in making bras through the bra sewalong via Amy’s Cloth Habit posts.

Notions available at Metro Fabrics

Ok. So our mutual excitment didn’t lead to an obligatory pic, but it did lead to some bra-making enabling and we then headed to The Remnant Warehouse so Rebecca met Anne, Rhona, Renata, Sharon and the rest of the Alexandria ASG sewers.

Notions at Metro Fabrics

So when Rebecca asked, where do you get a separating zip that’s long enough for a Minoru jacket, I took her the dance part of The Remnant Warehouse and we trekked through the dance fabrics, bolts of stretch fabrics, amazing notions and lastly into the room with the buckets of zippers and bolts of linings. I have to sit down.

Notions at Metro Fabrics

I didn’t take pics of the fabric at Metro Fabrics, just some of the lingerie notions for those of you want to find them in Sydney. This is just some of their stock. Go there with a project in mind or else you’ll have sensory overload with what Metro Fabrics has in stock. The owner said he used to supply to Berlie and he still supplies to Booby traps.

I’m not quiet ready to delve into making bras just yet…but soon.

Looking forward to meeting more sewers next week at Tessuti’s. The details are on Little Betty Sews blog.