Thanks Anne!

What you’re looking at is a lovely thank you card and 12 turtle buttons heading towards a jungle pen necklace.

They’re a thoughtful gift from the Jungle Queen herself – the lovely Anne from Pretty Grievances. She put out the Jungle call and many joined in. Everyone who did looked fabulous and Anne encouraged us to use our ideas and we learnt a few style pointers so jungle prints would work for us – and our families in some cases. 

You gotta see for yourself if you missed it. Cheers Anne.

PS: If you want a free lingerie pattern go to Fehr Trade. Melissa is hosting Lingerie week.


  1. You're alucky tigress!!! I really enjoyed Jungle January. So much so, that I'm extending it through Feb. How about Ferocious or Furry or Feral or Feline February? LOL Loved your work.
    Now about that lace…I bought some emerald green lace a few years ago (who knew it it would be 2013's COY?) I need to come up with an idea. Can't wait to see your creations.


  2. What a great little giftie! Anne put together a fabulous Jungle January, didn't she? And you certainly kept us all on the edge of our seats waiting for your next animal print project!


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