Spotted by Rebecca

Wandering into Metro Fabrics to contemplate making lingerie, Rebecca looked at me and said “I know you”. And she does – through these posts. Then it felt like I was meeting up with a long lost friend. She’s been very succesful in making bras through the bra sewalong via Amy’s Cloth Habit posts.

Notions available at Metro Fabrics

Ok. So our mutual excitment didn’t lead to an obligatory pic, but it did lead to some bra-making enabling and we then headed to The Remnant Warehouse so Rebecca met Anne, Rhona, Renata, Sharon and the rest of the Alexandria ASG sewers.

Notions at Metro Fabrics

So when Rebecca asked, where do you get a separating zip that’s long enough for a Minoru jacket, I took her the dance part of The Remnant Warehouse and we trekked through the dance fabrics, bolts of stretch fabrics, amazing notions and lastly into the room with the buckets of zippers and bolts of linings. I have to sit down.

Notions at Metro Fabrics

I didn’t take pics of the fabric at Metro Fabrics, just some of the lingerie notions for those of you want to find them in Sydney. This is just some of their stock. Go there with a project in mind or else you’ll have sensory overload with what Metro Fabrics has in stock. The owner said he used to supply to Berlie and he still supplies to Booby traps.

I’m not quiet ready to delve into making bras just yet…but soon.

Looking forward to meeting more sewers next week at Tessuti’s. The details are on Little Betty Sews blog.


  1. Great to meet you all today. I went to Metro Fabrics because I had read about it on Sharon's blog (Petite and Sewing) then was lucky enough to spot Maria there. Can highly recommend Metro Fabrics for bra supplies. Leaves Lincraft and Spotlight for dead, even though I had to travel an hour to get there, it was well worth it to stock up on powernet and tricot in lots of different colours.


  2. Oohh! I hope we can meet up and go there when I come to Sydney. I'm hoping to start sewing bras soon too. Nowhere here to get stuff (that I know of anyway). I agree with Rhonda.. you are definitely becoming a “sewlebrity”…do you like my new word!


  3. Hmm – I need one of those zips…. I am going to make a rain jacket. I haven't seen this room. I have seen the room with the dance materials and the main room with the quilting and other fabrics. Is there another room?


  4. Oh my goodness, what a simply fabulous store!! You are so lucky. I will definitely have to seek that out if I am ever in Sydney. And how nice to meet Rebecca!


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