Egg baked pie

500g flour
30g yeast
250ml luke warm milk
200g butter
150g sugar
vanilla sugar

150g butter
300g sugar
8 eggs
1kg curd cheese
1pkt instant pudding mix (vanilla flavour)
1/2t grated lemon rind
2T grated almonds
1T cornflour

Place the flour in a bowl and make a hollow in the middle.
Mix crumbled yeast with some luke warm milk and 1t sugar.
Pour yeast mixture into flour hollow centre and sprinkle some flour onto it.
Spread butter flakes, remaining sugar, vanilla sugar and salt around flour hollow.
Knead the ingredients well and add remaining milk.
Knead the dough until it is shiny.
Cover it and keep it in a warm spot for 1 hour.
Beat and knead dough
Roll out dough, place it on a greased baking sheet and press on the edge.

Whip 100g of butter until fluffy.
Add 200g sugar, 3 eggs, curd cheese, instant pudding mix, lemon rind, salt and almonds and mix everything well.
Place it on the dough.

Whisk 5 eggs and remaining sugar and stir in the rest of the butter, corn flour and brandy.
Add some water until the mixture is fluffy and spread it evenly over the curd cheese mixture.
Bake the pie in an oven at 200C for 45 minutes.
Reduce the overh to prevent the cream from burning.

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