Tote done

Tote bag
The UFO was started in October. Sharon, Alison and I went to a zipper workshop at Addicted to fabric and I made the lapped zipper pocket on the outside and 1 of the internal zip pockets.

This tote has:
– 2 internal zipper pockets
– an internal side pocket for a phone and keys.
– a zipper gusset at the top of the tote.
– a lapped zipper pocket on the outside for boarding passes.

DH liked this tote. Well DH liked the travel aspect of this tote so we’re getting closer to an o/s trip in 2013.
The green fabric is leftover of my festive green skinny jeans.


  1. it looks very nice and it already has a fan. My son saw it and inquired when I'd be ready to sew him a green bag too. I suggested it could be his High School graduation present (he's 8 now) and he mumbled something about having to do everything himself 🙂


  2. Nice! And those jeans are awesome-I went and checked out that original posts-have you worn 'em a lot since then? The colour suits you and that top was cool as well..


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