I had empanadas on the brain last week for a family dinner so what you see here is my first go at a very simple recipe made to a deadline. Deadlines are my friend.

Pastry mix: 2 kg plain flour, 1/2 c oil, 1L warm water, salt.
I added dried thyme in the pastry before I added the oil and water.
Filling mix: 500 gm ground beef, 2 onions sliced, paprika, curry powder. salt, black olives, 5 hard boiled eggs.
The original recipe called for 1kg beef and 5 onions, so I’ve halved it.

The day before
Prepare the pasty and wrap it in plastic wrap over night. 
Cook the meat and onions and flavour them. Scoop out the fat before you put the meat filling in the fridge.
Cook the eggs and leave them in their shell over night.
On the day
Set the oven to hot – 180C
Place baking paper on oven slide.
Roll out pasty to size and half fill with meat mix.
Place a slice of boiled egg on the filling and place slices of olives on either side of the egg.
Wet pastry with some water and then fold over pastry and seal the edges.
Place empanadas on oven slide and glaze with water.
Cook empanadas until brown. If the fat begins to sizzle out of the empanadas, take the slide out of the oven and drain the fat off.
Makes 24 decent sized empanadas.
Serve either hot or cold.
Can be frozen for another day!

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