Doggie bag

The littlest niece and I have slowly been working on a fabric fusing kit and she chose the doggie design. She loves dogs and animals even though she’s a city kid and has no pets.

I found the eyes at lincraft and I’ve zigzaged the doggy outline so that it does stand out a bit.
Inside the pillow is a fashionable pillow that her mum can use once the littlest niece has grown out of cuddly things. I’ll miss that stage when it happens.

Then I had an idea to make a purse with the left over dog print fabric. Alison made the cute purse below and gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. The fabric is left over silk that she’s quilted the fabric before assembling this into a coin purse. It’s beautiful and I keep it in a safe place.

Alison is the queen of coin purses and bag crafts. Go and check out Alison’s bag reviews.

After having another look at Alison’s handy work, I decided to use her advice – make the bag to fit the zipper. So I found a standard brown zipper in the stash, checked the finishing Alison did and made a doggy bag.

The look on the doggy faces is the same look my littlest niece used when she meekly asked, “Is my pillow finished yet”. How could you say no to that face. The lining is bright red with white dots and beige ribbon sewn onto the fabric. It’s very girlie. The zipper pull is animal print shoe lace that I bought for no real reason this year – except that it is animal printed. What I should have done was fuse the fabric. I will from now on.

So here’s her doggy set.


Can you feel the Aunty guilt lift too?


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