Trench coat sewing

Is it time for a trench coat? A slow sew-along maybe with no real end date? The ads for trench coats are everywhere.

Renata, Sharon and I have been talking about making a trench coat for a few months. I’m ready to tackle this so if you are, let me know or just keep an eye out for trench coat post. Colette patterns is hosting a coat sewalong and there’s a sewalong for the new Anise jacket launched earlier this month.

McCalls 5525 is what I’ll be working on. Handmade by Caroline did a divine ivory version. Sandra (dillander) also did a ordinary outside version vs wild inside version trench.

We’ll be sewing and posting up our progress and I’d love to link to your trench posts if you contact me. There are no deadlines. Just trench coat techniques and pattern options.
Gertie is also hosting a coat sewalong for her Butterick 5824 coat and has already pulled together a stack of coat Vlogs here. I’d love to attempt her coat one day.

The trench posts we’re thinking of are fabrics, notions, and all the detailing techniques that make this coat worth making. These post can be from anyone who’s interested in showing how they tackled their trench coat. You can use well-documented techniques or whatever worked for you and your post doesn’t have to be recent. Oprah website has a listing of fall coats if you don’t feel like making one – including a yellow trench coat.

I have enough of this gold fabric to make a formal trench… that’s my goal.
These are the trenchcoat posts:
Trenchcoat sewing
Jalie 2680: city coat trench
McCalls 5525: single breast trench
McCalls 5525: a hood in the collar
McCalls 5525: pockets
McCalls 5525: shoulder detailing
McCalls 5525: bound buttonholes
McCalls 5525: belt carriers
McCalls 5525: finished


  1. You're timing is perfect-I've been plotting along these lines for a while now. I had a couple of patterns selected from Patrones and LMB that I need to whittle down and I co-incidentally (and also perhaps thoughtlessly) picked up that McCalls from the patternsplus sale recently XD So I am, provisionally (don't know how much I'll manage to actually get done but the structure provided by a proper sew-along will definitely help), in.


  2. I've had a trench in my sewing queue for three years. The fabric is prepped, the lining is standing by, the pattern is traced. I just haven't done it. This is the impetus I need so I'm happy to join you.


  3. I'm planning a trench coat in the next couple of weeks for my DD. But it's a trench with a difference. I'm planning on using a fur backed denim . It won't be your traditional trench but I am planning on using McCall's 5525 which I've made before for my GD. Si interesting I should come across this post.


  4. B5525 is on my list of stuff to sew in my lifetime….not sure if it will be in the next few months or maybe next spring but in my lifetime! 🙂
    p.s. I loved what you said on twitter: that you would also skip class to shop at the expo. 🙂


  5. I'm in for the trench coat sewalong. I actually started McCalls 5525 awhile ago but messed up the topstitching. I was too lazy to rip it out but with a social trench coat group I am ready to tackle it again! (BTW if you topstitch, use regular thread in the bobbin and topstitch thread for the top thread. I think I am the last person to know this tip!!!)


  6. Thank you for the compliment on my trench 🙂 I am planning to make another winter coat but not until after a whole bunch of planned summer sewing, so I may lag behind you a bit! I'll look forward to seeing how you get along.


  7. I so wish I could do this just to join in the fun but I already have so much going on. But I will be following along with interest and filing it all away for when I do tackle it.


  8. I just finished up a red wool coat with trench detailing! In fact, it won a state fashion design competition on Saturday. We'll see how it does at Nationals.

    Anyway, I'm here to add a link to a post I wrote about understitching while making this coat:

    Is this the correct place for links? Let me know if I'm not doing this right!

    I'll be writing up another post (possibly posts) about the coat, so I'll try to stop by here again with those links.

    Looking forward to seeing all the trench coats that will be apart of this sew along!



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