Sue – a budding sewing machine

Sue is a new sewing machine concept designed by industrial designer James Woods.

There’s a write up about Sue on Threads insider this week and The Perfect Nose also did a write up. To be clear, this sewing machine is a prototype.
James’s proposed sewing machined design makes me want to glue felt onto my sewing machines so that it has a pin cushion feature on it and add a magnet to keep me small scissors handy. I might just do that.

Can Janome please take this concept and make an affordable machine for new generations of sewers please? I’m a Janome owner.

If you think this is a cool sewing machine concept, you should take a look at a foldable sewing machine design concept by Richard Burrow. I’d be happy with either of these to take on a sewing retreat or convention.


  1. ahahahaha Just to be clear-in case people lose control and the comments get shitty XD Niiiice XD Oh btw not sure if you'll like this but this one I thought you'd like for sure XD.


  2. wow. This would be such a great second machine; I have been thinking of getting a heavy duty machine, but this would be great, too, esp as it's foldable. I'll keep an eye out for Sue. Thanks!


  3. Hi TPN: I loved both links. I've seen Anna Meares on track too. There's a local guy who trains on a track bike and I can always tell when he's approaching from the sound of the back wheel. It's distinctive.


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