Vintage is something that lots of you are great at and I’ve done nil vintage and I have no vintage knowledge.You may have noticed in PR I’m managing the Vintage Contest this month. I did a bit of research and there’s lots of vintage info around and so many wonderful vintage sewers who really know their stuff. Locally I’ve noticed an increasing vintage trend so I’m looking forward to seeing how sewers develop their vintage outfits to suit their needs.

I’m not a vintage sewer but I found this Style 4859 from 1974 so today I decided to adjust this dress to fit. My entry won’t qualify because I’m managing the contest. Vintage patterns up to and including 1978 are in.

These are really crude adjustments. After tracing the pieces off the original pattern, I’ve split the bust piece and made it 2 cm longer and added 1.5cm to the width. I’ve also made the waist 4 cm wider.
Next – the muslin.


  1. I was ready to start winter stuff until you came along with your contest, even though I have had my pattern, and fabric, in mind for quite a while. Although you can't enter yours I'm glad you will be sewing along. I just hope there are still some suitable days for you to wear yours. I really like your pattern, can't wait to see it made up.


  2. Okay I might need to dig through the patterns but that is a bit last minute. Now to check what Renata is going to make. Your dress will be perfect for Singapore.


  3. I'm glad you mentioned the contest here, since I hadn't checked for upcoming contests for a while…

    I look forward to seeing your first vintage garment!


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