Grey knots – B5283

I’ve made this pattern before in View C but the assymetrical knot just didn’t work for me in real life. This is view B. I’ve been keeping an eye on the knit top challenge that RuthieK has put out there and this is my small attempt to try another knit style.

This fabric has two-way stretch and the main  challenge was the knot. The fit is good. I didn’t make any changes because I wasn’t sure how the knot would work out.

The photo above was for my reference so I could keep track of how where the knot is placed. I sewed the knot onto the front bodice centre after sewing the left and right curves under the bust. I had to wearing it to see where the knot folds should go and then I machine stitched this piece together. The back wasn’t adjusted for sway back because I was testing the fit of this view.


  1. That is a really nice top on you. The colour and neckline + knot are just right. I keep being tempted by knot tops, but when I tried a Simplicity one, midline, it looked horrid on me, although it was really good on my daughter and my Mum. I am tempted to try an assymetrical verion, following the theory that if the midline knot looks great on you, and not the off centre, then the reverse might be true for me!


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