Matured fabric – Butterick 5247

Many moons ago, I purchased this navy/black boucle fabric from Knitwit. I’m sure this fabric has reached its 10th year (Happy Birthday to the fabric). It may also be the 10th year for the navy/black lace too (more birthday cake). I bought the navy/black lace from another place (Sara Lee factory) that has since closed down its clothing subsidiary.

The pattern is Butterick 5247 and when I last made this up it was a gray/green boucle two-way stretch fabric and then needed to taper in the size. That’s the fun of working with stretch fabrics. So I’ve skimmed this pattern and found that the collar change that I made, leant itself to a v-styled cowl/roll collar. The collar turned out this way because I was playing with the fabric to see what it could do. It reminds me of Lost in Space styling. Then I plonked on the lace across my chest and stitched it on. The seam finishes are nil.

Would you believe there was enough fabric left for a skirt, so I whipped one up. It’s a simple piece with elastic in the waistband casing. The front open seam are the selvedges. And the skirt is lined. I was able to find navy tights so I’ve now got the full navy thing going on. The boucle fabric is not warm and isn’t soft against the skin so I’ve worn a layer underneath the top to keep warm.
I think I’ll head back to green fabric again. Navy is my work-based wardrobe.


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