Fix it weekend

There were a few DH ‘fix-it’ pieces to do last weekend. They had been building up so after finishing the red skirts, I decided to clean up and get these pieces out of the way. After sewing on seven buttons and hemming a couple of sleeves, I could get back to working on Mum’s polar jacket. Then I got diverted and adjusted grey wool pants that needed a bit of work. I took in the centre back seam and moved the back inseam 2.5 cm (3/4″) forward to take out some of the fullness. The front and sides are ok but there is still a bit of bulk at the back legs. That’s it from me with these pants, until I can make another pair from scratch.

Then I took to shortening a long black skirt that now fits but was way too long. This skirt had no edge for my taste so I’ve going to added a trim on the waist yolk to bring it back to life again. Here’s how it looks now.


I added the trim at the front. Then I took out some of the fullness at the sides and finally took up the hem. I’ve also worn a pair of new matt black boots that  bought in the states this year. The textured black tights were from Macy’s.


And winter has finally arrived.

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