Altering jacket 4

Last year I made five jackets after a workshop with Angie Zimmerman at Rhodes. I’ve now shrunk a bit so I decided to do some alterations to the first of these jackets – jacket 4. I also altered some work pants that I had made, because they have a piece in the centre back that makes waist adjustments a breeze. More about that later.
I made this jacket because I bought the skirt from Laura Ashley 6 years ago and found the fabric at The Fabric Store last year. Yesterday afternoon I shortened the skirt by 7 cms because it looked a bit tired. The jacket is miltary style but was too wide and the sleeves weren’t sitting on the shoulders properly. So last night I unpicked the sleeves and reset them to the right position. I also took out 1.5 cm from the side seams but this morning I took out another 1cm from each side and added the waist line pink trim.
I haven’t removed the excess seams just in case my shape changes again.
Did I mention that I didn’t take the bulk out of the centre back, because of the placket detail? I couldn’t face that much rework in one night.


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