Start/stop sewing

Two weeks ago, I got together with my real sewing buddies and I managed to finish off a top I started before we flew to the states.

This top Butterick 5562 view B, would not have worked well in the cold because it’s a poly dry knit and holds no warmth at all. The great thing about this pattern is the sleeve detailing. I forgot to bring some swimwear elastic on the day, so I used Seams great tape instead.

When I wore it, there was a lot of fabric around my waist so I’ve tapered it in. I think the front piece is still a bit wide so on the next version I’ll place the centre front and centre back seams 1cm over the fold. I’ll also add 2.5cm on the hem, if it’s a work top.

Then I moved on to hemming the jeans I bought in the states. The pair above uses matching thead colour for the hem. I’ve used a denim needle and the edge stitch foot. These are two things that I learnt about at Sew Expo. I’m determined to use the tutorial learnings as I go.

Then I decided to raise the hem of this FCUK skirt, because it was a bit long. The pictures above show how I was trying to decide the final length.
As I was playing with the hem length in the mirror I realised that I could sew a horizontal tuck, so now, here’s how I’ve decided to wear this skirt for a while.

Again, I used the edge stitch foot on the hem and the tuck piece has been sewn with a longer stitch length (3), so I can pull the stitching out when I decide to change the skirt look. The fabric is just great.
The print skirt is one of my purchases that I’ve shortened and I’m testing to see if the hemline works.
The fabric is a stretch woven and it’s interlined as well as lined, so hemming it by hand was a breeze.

So I think I’m back to my usual sewing self. I just had to regroup, do some follow up work with my GP and then just get back into sewing. I’m still off food with fat/oil for a few more weeks. I have no cravings for sweets or coffee and I get excited when I have an appetite.

I’ve started making Easter baked goods for the family so I’ll post some food pics, as we head into the weekend.


  1. Your red Butterick top is really cute. Also love the peachy colored skirt you bought. What a beautiful outfit with the silk/satin blouse. Glad you are beginning to get back to your sewing self!


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