summer skirts

Here’s the skirt story. This story is still about clearing out my fabric stash. We’ve also had a very hot week and it’s still in the 30’s tonight.


The skirt pattern is the leftover piece from the summer dress I made the for church part of the wedding last week. It’s my favourite Butterick 3597 and it’s not lined. The top is also a left over piece of the teal/green cardi M5978.

This skirt was a remnant piece from from a couple of years ago. I’ve used a Hessian trim to get the length to right spot so I can wear strap sandels with this skirt.

This skirt isn’t lined and I’ve eliminated the centre back seam to keep the bold pattern continous on both sides of the skirt. This is a stretch woven cotton.

I’ve tried to place the grey parts of the print on the skirt, but you definitely can’t ignore the browns.

The top I made a few years ago.


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