Here’s what I did on Sunday afternoon…I did a spot of fabric colouring.


The short pants on the left are my favourite weekend/cycling pants that I can’t stop wearing. The pants on the right were a beige drill cotton pair that I got when I was a road cycling volunteer at the Sydney Olympics. This pair are my trusty gardening pants.
My cycling duds became a very pale grey and now with a cold water dye bath, they’re back to their former dark green shade. On the other hand, the gardening pants are definitely lighter and a very’nothing’ green.
I’ve become very curious about fabric colouring because recycling has become important. My view is that I want to know how to colour fabric so that if I need a particular colour, but can’t find it for a garment, then I can create the colour on white, or build the shade I want. 

I got an idea to do a stove top dye method using DH’s outdoor bbq on the stir fry element. He wasn’t to thrilled with this idea, but he suggested buying a gas burner to do some outdoor stove top dyeing. I may have plant this idea in his mind…maybe he’ll surprise me?

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