Here’s what I did on Sunday afternoon…I did a spot of fabric colouring.


The short pants on the left are my favourite weekend/cycling pants that I can’t stop wearing. The pants on the right were a beige drill cotton pair that I got when I was a road cycling volunteer at the Sydney Olympics. This pair are my trusty gardening pants.
My cycling duds became a very pale grey and now with a cold water dye bath, they’re back to their former dark green shade. On the other hand, the gardening pants are definitely lighter and a very’nothing’ green.
I’ve become very curious about fabric colouring because recycling has become important. My view is that I want to know how to colour fabric so that if I need a particular colour, but can’t find it for a garment, then I can create the colour on white, or build the shade I want. 

I got an idea to do a stove top dye method using DH’s outdoor bbq on the stir fry element. He wasn’t to thrilled with this idea, but he suggested buying a gas burner to do some outdoor stove top dyeing. I may have plant this idea in his mind…maybe he’ll surprise me?

ASG fabric colouring

At my first workshop at the ASG sewing convention (Ballarat) I did a stack of fabric colouring. The preparation was to bring a pair of socks and a top that was cut out but not made yet. Being an eager beaver type, I also prepared two tops in addition to the socks and pre-cut top.

Here are the two tops after Monday’s colour workshop with Michelle Barker. I chose strong cool colours.

Here are my newly coloured socks.

Here’s the pre-cut top, post colouring workshop. I finished the top in Nola’s class on Tuesday.

The other great things at Monday’s class were meeting Barbara and Pam. Barbara gave me the good oil on Puyallup. She went to the expo this year, so she gave me some advice for our trip in 2011.
Pam wrote a list of Melbourne fabric shops to visit on our ‘escape from school‘ trip last Wednesday so we were able to get fabric shopping out of our systems as well. Jimmy buttons was a cave of notions.
It was all worth it.