kick pleat skirt – Vogue 8426

This is a newly opened pattern V8426 that is still in the pattern book. The fabric is at least 20 years old. This red crepe is from my size 8 days. I loved the work that Kbenco did on this two years ago so the pattern has been waiting for me to open it for over 18 months.

This is a wearable toile that took some adjusting, not just on the pattern, but after I basted the skirt together. I’m a 12 and the pattern was 6 – 10.The instructions were easy enough to follow. I had to do this at times when I had the head space to let it all sink in.
What I did realise is that when I make this again, I’ll sew the front pieces together, then the back pieces before joining the skirt together.
The lining was a skirt pattern that had been cut out but not made up from a previous project.

Technical adjustments included:
-sway back adjustment
-added 4cm to back width on centre piece only
-added 4m to front width on centre piece only
-slivered off 1/2 cm from curve after basting the skirt
– added 3cm to back hem line.
Once I make a top to ‘match’ I’ll take a decent picture for you. Cheers.


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