Red skirts

It wasn’t too hard to find red fabric to match my new silk blouse. In fact there was a red skirt that I’d made last year and needed a bit of adjusting at the waist Vogue 8426 view A.


What you’ll notice is that this skirt has a back pleat so that meant the main adjustment was on the side seams at the waist. I couldn’t bear to play with the sides too much¬†because of the detailing. I also raised the hem because it was too low. The hem is still not quiet there but I can manage with this length for now.
The ribbon at the back allows me to slip this top on – zippers or buttons. It also allows me to adjust this to fit my frame.

This second skirt, McCall 8972 view H, was made last month to match the top. The key feature is a fitted waist yolk and pockets on the front. Both skirts are lined.

kick pleat skirt – Vogue 8426

This is a newly opened pattern V8426 that is still in the pattern book. The fabric is at least 20 years old. This red crepe is from my size 8 days. I loved the work that Kbenco did on this two years ago so the pattern has been waiting for me to open it for over 18 months.

This is a wearable toile that took some adjusting, not just on the pattern, but after I basted the skirt together. I’m a 12 and the pattern was 6 – 10.The instructions were easy enough to follow. I had to do this at times when I had the head space to let it all sink in.
What I did realise is that when I make this again, I’ll sew the front pieces together, then the back pieces before joining the skirt together.
The lining was a skirt pattern that had been cut out but not made up from a previous project.

Technical adjustments included:
-sway back adjustment
-added 4cm to back width on centre piece only
-added 4m to front width on centre piece only
-slivered off 1/2 cm from curve after basting the skirt
– added 3cm to back hem line.
Once I make a top to ‘match’ I’ll take a decent picture for you. Cheers.