B5333 – dress toile

This time I did 3 things when making up Dress C.
  • I adjusted this pattern with the changes from the first toile that I’ve now got a fresh set of working pattern pieces so the adjusted patterns remain untouched until my body shape changes – again.
  • I followed the pattern instructions so that I got the hang of finishing the neckline properly. If you have this pattern, I added the skirt once the bodice was finished properly ie, do point 9 after point 15.
  • I used an invisible zip and enclosed it with the bodice lining.
The inside of the bodice has no seam finishes because it’s lined. The upper bodice was lined with white shirting fabric so I didn’t need to match the zebra print from the inside.
Here’s how I had to check the bodice fit without my sewing buddies 😦

This shows how the shoulders are now sitting on my shoulders without fear of them falling off, and I can still wear ‘engineering’ underneath. There are two small darts under the bust.
Here’s the sort of side view.
So this version has:
– sway back adjustment
– dropped the back skirt hem to cover my rear
– full bust adjustment – c cup
– shoulders moved in by 3cm closer to my neck
– split the bust dart into two smaller darts
– roll shoulder (2 cm)
– waist adjustment to fit the size 12 for my waist
– dropped the upper body piece by 2cm to take the midriff seam line under my bust.
Once I tried on the skirt, I removed 2.5cm from the back seam. It was really big – even on me!


  1. Gorgeous dress. I purchased zebra print too and really excited about sewing it after seeing your dress. It looks great on you.

    Thank you for the lovely compliments.


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