charity sewing

The organisers of the Rhodes Sewing Guild group were given a donation by Canada Bay Council. The community hall that Rhodes uses is owned by the council so as a thank you, yesterday was a charity sewing day for the Canada Bay community.

Sharon and Kay bought some fleece stretch cotton for the caps and turbans. The patterns were courtesy of By the time I got to the group, everyone was already into making their article of choice. One of the ladies had already completed a very fetching purple cap with a SITC flower. The range of walker caddie bag ideas in the room with personal stash fabric were inspiring.
I didn’t have much time to spend with the group so I picked up the pattern for the bags walker caddies.
The black floral version was my first attempt. Since I’ve been making so much dark clothing, I used bits and pieces to test out how this bag would work. There’s plenty of large buttons in my stash, so that’s became my closure choice.
A couple of years ago, I bought 6 metres of this quilt fabric for toiles, so I used it for a couple of bags. The buttons used were from an Events factory sale, possible 8 years ago or more. One of the bags is wider than the others, in case, some one has a wider bag need.
Each of these bags, has a small gusset at the base of each bag, to give the bag a bit more internal space. It’s nice to know these charity sewing items, by the Rhode sewing group, could make a small contribution for someone’s quality of life.


  1. You've already done heaps in getting the council donation and setting up the charity sewing day.
    From what I saw, there were lots of good ideas flowing and those who were there, were happy to be there sewing for others.


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