Update post

This is just my way of assessing what I’ve made so far.

Jan 2010:
-purple haze skirt
-black embroidered skirt
-black print skirt
-black spotted knit knot top
-black spotted knit top with collar
-blue/grey knit knot top
-burgundy/brown knot top

Feb 2010:
-blue/purple knit tee
-blue/purple crossover knit top
-black cotton wrap top with puffy sleeves
-upside/down shirred top
-black cross over knit top
-black a-line skirt with border trim
-dark cherry a-line skirt with weave fault.

I’m over black so now onto colour.


  1. Hi, I've been reading with great interest how you fitted the Butterick 5283 twist top. I am barely a C, but probably need to do a fba to make view A fit me. I don't understand exactly what you did in your photograph that showed the pencil 3″ from where? Could you explain please? Also, did you think it was better without two layers of fabric?
    Thanks so much,


  2. Hi Margaret. The pencil indicates how far I dropped the bust point and cutting point from its original position on the front of the top. So I brought the bust point and cutting point down by 3″.
    When I originally made the top with two layers I couldn't see that you only need one layer for the top because there's no diagram showing how you flip or twist the front piece over itself. I'll put a blog up to show you what I mean, because I hope pictures will illustrate this better. I'm also dying to do another twist top with this pattern.


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