Spot on – Butterick 3386

After using this fabric and realising how little give it has, I used it on a tab front top that’s designed for woven fabric.

When my sewing buddies saw how this fabric was on my previous top, the comment was to use a plain fabric instead of using a print. Black and white can be disorientating at the best of times so I chose to use a black collar as a neutralising contrast.

As you can see in this close up, I’ve used white cotton as a balancing detail.

In previous versions top, I’ve used shirring in the back but this might throw people off because of the black/white contrast.

I was thinking of inverted pinch pleats in the back (in the black segments) so it sits better instead of bulking up. This is a task I’ll do when the weather is less muggy and hot.

I’ve done the following adjustments:

  • roll shoulder adjustment 2cm
  • sway back, although it doesn’t show up too well
  • shortened the hem
  • the tab is squared and lowered by 3cm
  • the hems are finished with a straight stitch.

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