Tomatoes – Kwik Sew 3617

I was trying to plan my sewing projects for our sewing weekend, so to start, I pulled out a stack of fabric, then placed them together in a few different variations. I looked at the greens from the Melbourne fabric shopping trip and took out the latest prints that I’ve bought this year. I am determined to use these prints before they become dated.

Then I checked out what outfits were available online and took inspiration of plain border fabrics with prints as the main fabric. I’ve got plenty of basic patterns that I know fit me. Most of my patterns can be tweaked to update my look (LOL). I need bit of courage to tweak but then I take comfort in the fact that most of my fabrics are cheap and won’t break the bank if the outfit doesn’t work.
This print was bought from The Fabric Store when they had a sale in August. The trim is from our shopping trip to Melbourne. I deliberately bought green fabrics a) to add green into my wardrobe and b) to act as a reminder of where I bought my green fabrics from. I know, it’s a bit complex but that’s how I remember things…

To accommodate for my backside fullness, I did a quick measure of this area, shook my head in dismay and then accommodated for it in the skirt section. This is another top that’s been extended into a dress. I stick with 3/4 length sleeves, so I can were this in between seasons.


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