Courage with scissors

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} catch(err) {} When you go to all the trouble to make a jacket, use your tailoring skills ie, pad stitching the collar/lap and add reinforcing stitches along the seamline, when the style goes out of date, what do you do? Cut it back to suit (no pun intended).
This jacket was long enough to cover my rear but after a while, it looked old, so I cut the hem so now it reaches my high hip and it’s back to being a favourite jacket. It took a few months to have the courage to cut the hem but once I reached the measurement, the scissors came out and I made the kindest cut and so the legend continues. It’s McCalls 8971.
BTW, if you want some basics on pad stitching, let me know. I’m happy to share sewing techniques.


  1. Thanks for sharing this pad stitching by machine technique. It looks very interesting, and the close-up picture really helps to clarify the technique. Beautiful collar in the full jacket photo. I would like to learn more about this tip, would you considering doing a step by step tutorial? Regards, Elle


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