The weekend flew…

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try {
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} catch(err) {}Now that it’s Sunday night, my neck and back are sore. After a wine, I realised it’s because my Dad brought over three pairs of pants to fix, I completed two tops and a pair of cycling nixs. During the winter, it’s not so easy to have three days of dialysis in shorts, so I’ve had to insert zips in his trousers, as he attaches to the dialysis machine via his thigh. So, I added a 30 cm zip to two pairs of trackpants for him. This isn’t easy because I have to sew around a ready made pair of pants. The other tasks was to widen the waistband, which on mens pants is a breeze, compared to women’s pants.

Then I finished a top and started a light tunic top which I altered for my mum, as the colours suited her better. This top was on that I cut out for the sewing weekend in July, so I’m glad that’s out of the way.
Later, I decided to whip up the cycling nixs, so now that’s it until next weekend – maybe. I have one more blouse to finish that was cut out for the sewing weekend.

Enjoy your week 🙂
20 Sept 08 – This morning my Dad lost his battle with dialysis and he’s no longer in pain. Love you always Dad.


  1. Your Dad is really lucky you can do that sort of thing for me. I hope he appreciates it!I’ve really enjoyed watching the road races at the Olympics. I didn’t think I would be interested but in the end, I couldn’t drag myself away!!! 🙂


  2. Erk…just realised my typo! Of course you aren’t doing this sort of thing for “me”’re doing it for HIM! ROFLOL


  3. Yes your Dad is lucky and and your Mum won as well, you are a good daughter 🙂You are getting more sewing done than I am, currently proof reading the Index for Volume 12.


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