May the 4th be with you

It’s just a star wars thing we share.

Mr V got his wife-made shirt a few years ago using a vintage Vogue pattern. He loves his BBQ shirt and only wears it on special occasions, like today.

Yes he looks uncomfortable because I asked him to cross his arms. Some women are so pushy!

Two days ago I realised today is a Friday and I really wanted to wear my own Stormtrooper shirt.

So I grabbed McCalls 5433 and made my own Stormtrooper shirt to wear ‘business casual’.

Oh dear. That’s just us.


Stormtrooper print really should be worn by kids but I’ve used this print for a dress for moi and a shirt for Mr V.

The dress is a New Look 6808 top that I’ve extended it to a maxi length and changed the neckline to a sharp V. 

The shirt is a vintage mens pattern. It fitted Mr V without too much fuss. He can be high maintenance but this pattern wasn’t so this shirt was easy to sew. I still need to strong arm Mr V into taking a photo of him wearing his stormtrooper shirt. 
The fabric is a Spotlight purchase.

Dress detail:
I’ve made New Look 6808 a few times now.

Mum always used to say, “why don’t you extend the top to make a dress”. She’s a no-nonsense person, so I got a lot of practice extending top patterns to make dresses.

The main thing I do is make sure I extend the top to be as wide as my hips are on the day I cut out the pattern. 
Then I make sure I have a centre back split or side splits so I can walk in it. Just being practical. There have been times when I forgot to do this.

As for the neckline, I did a reality check on the v-neckline by 
– measuring from the back of my neck to the point where I was happy for the neckline to end
– then measuring how far my collar points are
– on a post-it note, I drew these measures and checked the angles – too close/too far apart.
– I interfaced the dress neckline and drew an all-in-one facing and interfaced this.
– with a bit of drawing and lots of pinning, the neckline worked out.

The base of the V, is 5 stitches wide so I could turn the facing through and get a sharp ‘V’.

That’s it really. 

The key way to line up this print at the seams is to pin the line under the Stormtroopers. 

Future dress:
There’s a dress style that Kate Winslet wears in the Divergent movies that I’ve decided to use this top pattern for. 


I have the fabric from Pitt Trading in the sewing queue now so I’m ready to tackle it later this month.

This project has been a fun ride.