September Minerva Make – Classic baroque

Hill End historic town was the perfect setting to test out my new Baroque print Jalie Jeans and ‘matching’ black knit top using Vogue 1378 Donna Karan. And I wore a pair of new boots. Well it was my birthday last month so I treated myself to some decent boots.

I love the lattice work on this building.

Let’s get back to these two great pieces courtesy of Minerva Crafts UK. When you see this stretch denim print close up, it’s stunning.

And I had good look at how people in the UK wore printed jeans on our recent visit to the UK for the Minerva visit this year. 

I hope you’ve seen Louise’s Baroque linen dress? She looks great.

Working with Baroque print fabric

The front and back legs were cut out separately so I could line up the print. The notches on the Jalie pattern helped keep this print lined up.

Here is the updated Jalie jeans pattern after I tested it with spare denim from my stash.
Here is updated front pattern with a lowered front pocket. The front pockets was just too high on this low rise version.
Here is one of the front pockets with the coin pocket print lined up.
And this is the back pocket lined up. You can just see the pocket matching by following the top stitching.
Can you see both back pockets now?
And I used this Eiffel tower print for the pockets.
With silver rivets
This stretch denim fabric: 
– washes well, 
– does not stain other clothes in the wash ie dye fast, 
– does not need ironing 
– and is a dream to sew. 
PS The interfacing at the zipper is a must. Don’t forget doing this step.

The knit top
I had no real plan for a simple knit top. So I chose this top except this is no ordinary black knit top.
Vogue 1378
Most people love Vogue 1378 for the ponte pants – as do I. But I wanted this swishy top. It worked. 

The main changes I made was taking off 8 1/2″ off the length and then I took out 2cm from the front neckline. The shoulder seams and sleeve head were brought forward too.

The front neckline has a built in facing so it’s easy to finish.

The fiddliest bit was getting these folds in the right spot. Now if you usually do a sway back adjustment, you don’t need to because of the folds.

This knit is a good weight and has two-way stretch. It was easy to work with. I wish all knits were like this.

Ok, here’s a close up view. It’s form fitting.

 Ok. I’ve taken my arms away so you can see the bodice fit.

By the time Mr V finished taking these pics, the whole town started driving passed. 
At least the local constabulary stayed away.
I’m sure this building would have been a Sewing Emporium in the 1800s. And yes, I’m no ‘super model’.

So if you’re still interested in this fabric – go to Minerva Crafts UK now. There are loads of fabrics on sale!

PS: I love baroque music too. However, grab these fabrics before I go back for more.