Vogue 8818 dress

In previous posts I mentioned using Vogue 8118 that I had used in 2012. Vogue 8118 was printed in 2006 and I’ve now given this pattern quite a bit of sewing love now.😍

What is brilliant about this pattern is just how well it makes the most of Vogue 8118 with Minerva’s exclusive viscose prints. This is the third Minerva exclusive viscose challis prints I’ve used Vogue 8118 for. I know this is an out of print Vogue pattern but when you find a great pattern that works so well with these fabrics, why change patterns. 😎

I’ve made this pattern now as a few tops. This time I’ve extended the top to a dress. Having a dress in mind I still kept the back high hip width increase to this bodice could be extended to a dress length.

This Ebbing Light print is the darkest print I was able to use as a Minerva Brand Ambassador. There are lots of colours in this print and I chose the white in this print for the back waist tie feature of this pattern.

The waist tie allows you to cinch the dress around your waistline and it’s very accommodating to a waistline that keeps changing. My waistline is wider at the end of the day than at the start of the day, so patterns that have a waist feature you can adjust is what I look for in patterns these days.

A simple three thread overlocking stitch is all you need to finish the seams. I overlock each seam separately so I can adjust the dress size over time. When a dress is really loved, you want to keep wearing it again not matter how your shape changes.

The Ebbing Light print is very urban timeless to me.
I have one more Minerva Exclusive Viscose Challis print to work on. Maybe this will also be a Vogue 8118 or I might have a different pattern to use for my final Minerva Exclusive prints.

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