Queens Gambit #1

As you saw in the tech note post, I’ve used fabrics and notions from my stash to work on Vogue 1844. The pattern was given to me by Minerva as they’re promoting Vogue patterns in September. #SewnWithVogue is unveiling many pattern on the Minerva website that you may be interested in.

Reveal the test dress I love wearing

After visiting the V&A Museum in 2019, their 60s fashion exhibit made me love these styles all over again. In lockdown I watched Queens Gambit and wanted to make this style of dress.

Vogue 1844 was their take on 60s style so I used it to create this everyday linen mod dress.

This dress has all the pattern adjustments to make it work for me both at the office and when out and about. We can do that now so I’ve enjoyed making clothes that fit my shape right now.

The pattern suggests using a 55cm zipper. I used a 35cm zipper without realising my mistake. The shape of this dress is kinda loose so I was able to get away with a 35cm zipper.

This green linen is 100% linen so I lined it with lining fabric. The linen didn’t need structure to it, but it did need lining. The front and back of the dress are lined so the neckline sits really well, especially with the understitiching.

The neck band was a remnant from a dress so I was able to use this fabric to give this dress the contrast and a bit of shimmer during the day. The buttons were in my stash and toned into the fabrics I’ve used.


I was very tempted to add darts for the waist to get more definition but I’ve held back from changing the original design of this dress.

I’ve added more shaping as the side seams and at centre back waist. Yes I unpicked the zipper and added in the shaping, but not much.

I love wearing this dress

The cuff piece didn’t match the sleeve pieces and this was the case in the crepe version of this dress. I was able to sew the cuff onto the sleeve in an easier way on the crepe version of this dress.

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