Personal MMMay update

30 June 2022: During Me Made May, I had very little time to reflect about the clothes and fabric I have during that month. I’ve sewn so many clothes since I first took part in MeMadeMay many years ago.

It’s now a month since then and I’ve been making incremental steps to reduce the clothes and fabric I have. I just couldn’t take any action in May.

A couple of weeks ago I filled 4 garbage bags containing clothes and fabrics I had never touch and haven’t touched for years. They were all in good condition and given to a collector, so I hope they’re still being used by someone.

green bin

Removing these ‘things’ made me distraught for a very long time and I couldn’t plan how to start. The excess, waste and reality of having amassed these possessions comes from growing up with very little of what we have today.

What I now feel is relief. I removed a couple more bags of clothes and shoes again last week. It was easier to decide what I should remove this time and I was able to deliver them to their new owner that day. It would take me weeks to finally give these away. The bags would sit in the car, waiting for their new home.

I can do remove excess clothes and fabric again, and soon.

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