CSW66 update

Today is the second week being delegate at the Commission on the Status for Women (CSW) run by UN Women UK. Every session I’ve attended virtually has been a real eye opener.

As a first time delegate, I thought the discussions and presentations would be high level speeches. That’s what I tend to see in main stream media. The UN Women UK changed my view about what this 14 day event is all about.

I’ve attended some presentations about high level studies with panels of experts in their fields. Most of the sessions are conducted after 9pm my time and can finish 9am the next day. Last week I was getting up at midnight or 1am in the morning to attend the sessions I was interested in the most.

The examples of what groups are doing in developing countries for women, society and the environment are what I am getting a real education about the cultures I will never see or understand what skills they have to survive an ever changing environment. Sewing skills give people a way to provide clothing and menstrual pads for themselves and then opportunities to earn money sewing for their communities.

There are many programs and research organisation that I would like to find out more about and thankfully I’m contacting presenters throughout these weeks for future discussions and learnings.

There are over 400 ‘events’ to choose from and it’s worth going to presentations you have no knowledge about because each presenters has prepared their slides/speeches and you can see the commitment they have for their topic of interest.

I’m very thankful to be attending #CSW66 this year. Now to get back to the next online presentation. Here’s a link to the side event recording on the United Nations Media page.

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