Winter Beryl bomber dress

My first Beryl Bomber was made in 2018 and I’ve been meaning to make it again for a comfy Winter dress. My first one was and is still a hit to wear at night when we can actually get out and about.

Winter Beryl Bomber

This version is softer to wear and I’ve extended the sleeves so it really can be worn in the Winter.

Yay me. I can still wear size 38. I’ve been working on my weight since we’re in our second lockdown here in Sydney.

All the pattern changes I made in 2018 were perfect to quickly make this version.

Back view

I’ve chosen dark green rib knit for the collar. The fabric is cotton with some poly so it’s soft on my neck.

This fabric is 100% cotton and is really soft on your skin. I love that about this fabric.

I also love the print. It’s dark but still has lovely Winter colours for me. There are brown colours so I’ve worn my brown boots.

The fabric weave is linen-look and has all the great properties of cotton. The colour is washfast and has kept its colour since initial washing it.

I did a bit of thread tracing at the centre front to pattern match the print. The challenge would have been pattern matching across the shoulder seams. I’ll leave that for another project.

This fabric can either be overlocked or machine fell finished. I chose machine fell finish for the side seams. The bulk of the seam finishes are overlocked. Black overlocking thread was a dream.

This is great for our mild Winter weather

Choosing a matching thread is easy. Pick any colour in this print and just roll with it.

The zipper colour choice is also your choice. I chose this lighter colour to add a vertical line on the dress.

The pockets are raised from their designed position up by 6 cms this time. I love how the pockets are placed over the side seams. They don’t simply sit on the front of this dress. They sit over onto the back of the dress as well.

It’s a really comfy dress. Now to plan for another version… soon.

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