Tracey Reese dress

I keep learning something new on Instagram that was never taught in our schools. This month I started learning about  Black pattern designers through #bhmpatterndesigners run by Myra Rentmeester of @onesweetsew and @naturaldane to reflect black history month.

IMG_2490 (3)

Tracey Reese is one of many Black pattern designers so I made Vogue 1584 as my small contribution.


If you’ve made this dress, you’ll know I’ve shortened the skirt. The skirt was redrawn as a tulip shape to suit my height.

back view

February was a very hot month in Australia so as soon as I made this dress I was able to wear it.


Only the bodice is lined so they amazing shape stays like this for quite a while. The zipper wasn’t included on this version because it really doesn’t need a zipper. The fabric is two-way stretch.

The fabric was bought from Pitt Trading and it’s worked out really well.

Now to get back to watching Myra’s youtube videos.

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