Sydney Sewing

This was a special week for this humble sewing bod.

Heading off the couture sewing school

In Australia we’ve never had access to the sewing experts that reside overseas but I know that since Susan Khalje graced our shores last year, other have started to see Australia as a place to visit and meet local sewing people.

Last year we were treated with Susan visiting Australia and running her classes in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Day 2 off to school

I was lucky enough to attend the couture workshop in Sydney and the guipure lace skirt workshop in Brisbane. Those classes were filled with sewing people who love what they do and everyone extended their skills.

Susan gives you the ongoing encouragement to extend your skills and knowledge.

I haven’t looked back at the guipure lace techniques I learnt last year and I certainly have to stop myself from buying more lace.

This year I worked on a Vivienne Westwood jacket design that I really didn’t have the pattern for. I don’t have the pattern for the skirt either but through Susan’s guidance, I now have a pattern for both of these pieces and I’m ready to make more.

Last year Gertie came to Australia twice and I’m sure she has plans to visit Australia again.

This week Jenny Rushmore (Cashmerette) and her colleague Carrie came to Australia after 2 long haul flights from the States and met a few of us in Sydney on Friday night at Bobbin and Ink

Jenny is running a Sewing Retreat in our neck of the woods. Not bad right!

In Sydney we’re lucky to have Mick (Quick Buttonhole Services 02 9699 2050) who professionally sews buttons, snaps etc for the garment industry.

I needed 3 buttonholes sewn on my couture jacket so I went to his workshop and he sewed them for me with no fuss or bother. Now that’s what I call customer service.

I did call Mick the day before just in case he had a huge industry order deadline. Again, he was lovely to deal with on the phone. I know Mick will do orders over the phone if you need to courier your work to him.

Now to recover and keep sewing.

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