Couture WIP

Today is day 5 of the 6 day Couture Workshop with Susan Khalje.

 We have the opportunity to really see Susan’s awesome work.

Sharpies are so useful for marking toiles. 

This is the first pinning of the foundation garment. 

 This is the pattern I’ve used for the foundation garment.

 The detailing in Susan’s lace skirt is so detailed.

At least I didn’t have to think about print placement for the pockets. 

The lining is on the left and the out dress is on the right. 

 Here’s the foundation garment with finally pinning.

 I’ve used hook and eye tape for the back.

 My Prym pen is used to mark the boning so it’s the right length for each channel.

Now the foundation garment is ready to sew into the dress.

 We’ve used 2.5cm seams and they did get used. Lots of marking was needed.

This is my pattern placing the dress back bodice. 

By the way, I’ve used at least two boxes of pins.

There are more photos on instagram… 

Back to the workshop for me.

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