Simplicity 1357 test

There’s always a test dress and this 60s pink number is my Simplicity 1357 test dress.

The fabric is a similar weight to my Minerva project.

While it’s still Summer here, I felt the need for a Summer day dress hence my fabric 60s choice. I think this is a Spotlight drill print.

I originally thought I needed a 14:18:12 size. This dress had the sway back adjustment on the paper pattern.

So you can see this adjustment was fine. I did shorten this pattern at the waistline across the front and back pieces. 

Once I made up this dress I had to run in the seams so the final version is a 12 size.

Giveaway winner
Judie is receiving the give away pattern. Congratulations. Your pattern is in the post!

Thank you all for your lovely comments about this dress.

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