Really on a sewing break? Not quite

Holidays means taking a break from everything including sewing. It also means seeing new places, experiencing different cultures and relaxing.

An American indigenous textile display at a trading post in Arizona

Thankfully Mr V is happy for me to ‘pop’ into fabric stores when we travel so here are some of the places I was able to visit recently when there was a spare 20 minutes in the day.

Quilts on Route 66 in Williams Arizona: 

This store is across the road from the visitor information centre so it was easy to find.

Donna at the store was happy to chat about fabrics and quilting. I saw lots of neat shelves with a great range of fabrics to choose from. We still chat on IG.

A peek inside Quilts on Route 66. There’s more fabrics behind me.

The Cloth Pocket in Austin Texas:

This is a small, cosy fabric store. They stock fabric basics and specialise in quilting fabrics. I saw some really cool prints including Nano iro, that I could see using in the future.

There’s another sewing store located on the same block as The Cloth Pocket but I didn’t go into this store because I ran out of time.

Golden d’or fabrics outlet in Dallas Texas:

This store is really a warehouse of fabrics. There were lots of knit fabrics, bargain dress fabrics, luxury fabrics and home dec fabrics.
Some of the knits at Golden d’or
I bought three knit fabrics that I can’t buy locally. The prices were $7/yard.
I bought a moisture wicking knit and a textured sports fabric. Both fabrics came in quite a few colourways so it was hard to choose which colour to pick.
The pieced fabrics at Golden d’or
Near the cashier they had quite a few sewing notions. I was simply blown away by this fabric warehouse.
Some of the spesh fabrics at Golden d’or

Walmart in Page, Arizona:
I found their sewing and craft section while were were driving to Utah. This wonderful section had a selection of patterns and 4 aisles of fabrics.

This is one of 4 aisles of fabrics at Walmart.

Walmart at Arlington Texas also had a sewing and craft section but it was smaller – 2 aisles.

Joanne’s in Dallas Texas:

I enjoyed visiting this store. It had a good range of fabrics, notions, sewing supplies and books among their other goods.

I had fun looking at their two sided print fabrics. These prints were vibrant and I just couldn’t choose a favourite.

New York:
Pacific Trimming – This store is three stores wide. There’s a huge range of every notion you could want.

Elliott Berman Textiles – Lovely fabrics from designers so I had to take swatches and then come back the next day to make my purchases.

Botani Trimmings Inc – This store spans the width of the block. There’s a huge range of all the trims and sewing supplies you could dream of.

Butterfly fabrics – They have evening type fabrics too and a good range of wax print fabrics. Their wax print fabrics were $5/yard.

Karen of Bella Industries came up from Washington DC to spend some Museum time, a spot of fabric shopping and coffee with me. Lunch was awesome at the Museum and yes, DC is on our holiday visit wish list.

H and M fabrics or The Material World – This store has a sign in the window that says it’s going to close and has a cheap fabric prices. I bought a couple of pieces at $8/yard.

Metropolitan Textiles Corporation – or Kashi’s place. Kashi always finds what you’re looking for and gives you a hug too. I did buy a few pieces from Kashi as documented by Kyle.

Thanks to Kyle for shopping with me again this visit.

Spandex House – Two stores wide and two floors high. The top floor was the ‘mother load’ of activewear fabric for me. Meshes, compression type fabric and lace. There’s just as much fabric on the ground floor for vibrant dancewear and everyday clothing.

Grinners are winners.

Los Angeles in the Textiles district:
Michael Levine Loft – They had a 50% off sale. Their fabrics are $3 per pound.
Michael Levine – This is their normal store and it’s a warehouse-sized place.

Ashanti Fabrics and Clothing – This store is more than just fabric and is small but I loved it.

The top two fabrics were from the UK last year. The rest were from Ashanti.

Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies – If you’re looking for sewing machine feed, sewing notions, this small store is packed with anything you can think of, except fabric. That’s still a lot of stock.

Mood – This store is also a warehouse sized place and not in the textiles district. I bought a couple pieces of their Liberty fabrics. I did resist their NYC store.

Just a few…

PammyOh fabric-enabled me on my very last day in Los Angeles and we managed to grab a coffee with Sandra Ms.Mc.Call. It literally was grabbing a coffee because LA traffic starts to get congested early in the afternoon.

There’s nothing more special than local sewers who fabric enable their sewing friends on holidays. Yes…I did have to buy another suitcase but I did share the fabric shopping budget over 4 weeks of travel. 

I’ll tell you about my morning at McCalls HQ visit in the next post.

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