Spring smells so sweet

Wearing less layers is how I like to welcome in Spring so a decent frock made from Liberty print fabric from Minerva Crafts UK and a Cynthia Rowley pattern is my October project of choice.

While this style is very contemporary, I did a ‘u-turn’ and applied the shirt collar to the dress, giving this dress a 50s ‘Roman holiday’ feel to it.
Now the Liberty fabric followers among us know Liberty fabric is lovely quality both the fabric, print and feel. Stop me from gushing about this fabric now.

To check the fit of the bodice, I made up the shirt version and loved it. The dress doesn’t come with the collar but I love a collared dress, hence I added it to this dress without checking the length of the collar to the bodice neck seamline.

I initially had heart palpitations about the collar not being long enough to reach the centre front and I was about to rip it out and add leftover fabric to lengthen the collar. Hmmm. Then I slept on that idea and in the morning, I left the collar the way it was.

I’ve lined the bodice with leftover blue lining from my earlier Minerva projects. The skirt is unlined and lovely to wear. The buttons were easy to find on their website.
Here’s a progress photo I took to check the fit of the dress before I sewed up the side seams. 

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking photos as I sew to give me a different perspective on my sewing projects. Sometime I’ll put these photos on instagram for feedback.

Then I’ll take photos to help me style up or learn to wear what I’ve made.

Either way, checking your work as you go helps make the finished project work. The last test I do is to wear it for a day and see how it feels. Once the weather warms up I’ll put my Winter boots away.

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