The Brynna test

In January I bought a few pieces of fabric (yes just a few) from Pitt Trading for future projects – as you do. Their fabrics were on special.
This floral print caught my eye and while it’s not what I usually wear, it was too nice to leave.
The fabric is light weight but not see-through and washes/irons really well so it’s good quality fabric. Bargain.
I really love the neckline finish. The pattern suggests using self-made bias but I love the look of satin bias (pre-made of course).

Brynna test dress
Based on the measurements of Sew Liberated Brynna dress, I only adjusted the shoulder seams. I avoid changing hem lengths when testing patterns because this is my weak point, but hems are dead easy to adjust once I know what the length looks like on me.

And so, once I made up this dress, I cut 5cm off the hem and resewed the pocket so the pocket opening wasn’t so low. I also skimmed off 2cm off the pocket bag using the overlocker.

Will I wear this test dress?
When the chill in the air isn’t so bad, I’ll be wearing this dress because the waistline is so forgiving. And it’s so pretty
This dress will be great for travelling in.

The actual Brynna dress turned out brilliantly in Liberty fabric. It was certainly worth testing this dress style in a fabric that was similar to the ‘real’ fabric. I now have two.

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