See spot run

McCalls 4261 has a basic round neck tee pattern and I had some white knit fabric with huge silver spots on it, hence this post.

Melissa and Winnie recently ran the London Marathon. An awesome feat in itself. They both wore outfits that didn’t hinder their efforts but ensured they could be spotted in the crowd. Or at least that’s my take on their running outfits.

This month I’m ran my only half marathon and to distract my training and a dress I’ve working on, I played with this tee. 

The test top is a daywear basic made from this highly textured knit. There’s a matching skirt but that’s another story…

The test top showed me I needed to use the small size for the waist up and medium size for the waist down. The long sleeves are not long enough for me. I think this fabric is a piece I bought at Clear it in Melbourne some time ago. It has no wicking properties at all. It just looks good.

Here’s the short sleeve and long sleeve training versions.

I still have enough of this fabric for a panel on something. 

Before the run my estimated running time was over 2 hours and I finished in 2 hours 18 minutes. After running in the short sleeve top for over 2 hours on a cool day, I could do this again.

The whole time I ran my main concern was to finish and not fall or ‘hitting the wall’. Now to cheer on Kathy in her half marathon later this month.

Oh, while I was recovering this week, I made these three versions post-half marathon because these scrap fabrics were begging to be used. 

Check blue top, brown pleather top and basic blue top

 The blue version was comfy to wear to work this week.


  1. Well done, Maria. Mr. Schu used to run marathons and I know it's no piece of cake. Your two tops look great on and I love the grey spotty one.


  2. Well done you. Completing a half marathon. I did reply to your email but I am having difficulties with email. They keep getting eaten.

    Love your top. I am sure that the fabric and cut helped you finished.


  3. Wow! That's for the half marathon… Maria you are a training star! I'm so impressed! I also LOVE those spot t-shirts! Love, love, love that fabric. You really stood out.


  4. Congrats, Maria! That is freaking epic! And your top is super glam- yeah for stylish running ensembles 😀 I am super excited as I have cut out my first exercise wear (duathlon shorts) and am ready to sew… 😀


  5. I have that pattern and have made the pants from it but not the shirt!
    Congrats on completing your half marathon!!! And stylishly to boot.
    I've been seeing your Map My Fitness tweets. Run Maria Run! 🙂


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