Cheese and spinach triangles

These are a family party-starter staple and I usually make these for everyone. That’s the only time I love cooking – for family and friends.

While making this recipe on a rainy, humid Saturday, I took went a bit IG crazy, and snapped each step. 
I think to be fair I should have put this recipe here before I got snap happy.

 Sometimes the construction is easier to show using pictures instead of writing it.

 And it can be hard to convince a novice cook to butt each piece together on the baking tray for a better result, hence these pics. My aunties taught me that you put the uneven folds underneath so the tops are all smooth looking.

As you can see, these triangles are all nicely tanned and there were no cheese break outs.

Traditionally these are a pure spinach and cheese filling with an egg and some herbs. This filling has frozen spinach, mint, shallots, an egg, 400gm ricotta cheese and 400gm fetta.
I was always taught to use unsalted butter for the folds and to brown the outside.

The pastry is fillo pastry and I always use Antoniou fillo because it’s consistent.

The oven is usually at 190C and these take 20 minutes to cook. 

PS: I have an uncooked batch in the freezer for the next family get-together.

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