A convertible

Bra kit test
Here’s a sweet convertible bra using powermesh, lace and bra notions from White TreeFabrics UK. This is an idea Lisa was happy for me to work on and I’ve used KwikSew 3300 as my bra template. I say template because the pattern doesn’t provide the cross back feature. This bra style is something I developed following a ‘ready to wear’ bra that I own.

The power mesh is soft and stretchy so I’ve used two layers of powermesh on the bra band. This gives the bra band more stability and I’ve cut one layer on grain and one layer cut off grain.

Now the flesh colour tricot fabric and underwire piping was from my stash. The bra hooks provided by White Tree Fabrics give you the convertible version (slider, o-ring and garter hook).

What I found is the best result for bras is to have the rings and sliders either the same width or wider than the bra strap.

I used the lace across the top of the bra cup only and I tried to balance the bows in the lace.

Here’s where I was deciding on how long the underwire piping should be. I ended up lining the whole cup with underwire piping even though this hemline underwire is a half wire shape.

I wore this bra on a humid Summer’s day and it was very comfortable and supportive.

The cups are lined and all the seams are enclosed so I think that helped me feel comfortable.

The bra you see has been washed a couple of times now so I know this bra is durable as well as lovely.

Thanks WhiteTree Fabrics for letting me indulge in sewing a new bra using lovely lace. 


  1. It is very pretty. I still haven't made a successful bra. Do you think the powernet available in Australia is firmer and less stretchy than from OS? I wondered this when it seemed that quite a few of the Australian reviewers had connuptions with Melissa's XYT top and the built in bra. My locally sourced powernet had 20 and 25% stretch respectively.


  2. The powernet we have in Australia is very firm as you've mentioned. This firmness is what make the bra band so supportive. That's right. We did have a few connuptions when we tested the XYT buit in bra. The powernet I used this time was very stretchy and soft so I've got the matching knickers to make. I've still got a bra kit from Measuretwicecutonce that I bought and I'll let you know what this is like. I'm finding that it's the bra band that makes the most difference for support and comfort. And I continue to go back to the bra craftsy course each time I make a bra too.
    I hope this information helps you achieve a successful bra.


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