Stormset cycling jersey

This is the real cycling jersey from Fehr Trade – Summit to Surf top using Funki Fabrics.

The reflective tape is used on the front and back panel seams.

It’s odd when you sew wovens and knit fabrics together

Here’s a close up of the finished back pocket with a secure pocket on the right hand seam.

This new cycling version is certainly smaller and more fitted than the test version – just like a RTW cycling jersey.

Last Saturday I road tested this jersey in the heat. When I say road test I mean a 52km ride that went for more than 2 hours on the road.

You can see how well the back pocket sits in the right position.

The sky was overcast but it was quite humid. There was no additional breeze but cycling does provide a breeze.

Just checking the spare tyre in the bike bag 🙂

I was on the road by 6am which is considered late by some keen cyclists. I usually get home in time to have breakfast with Mr V. 

This Stormset cycling jersey is a keeper for Summer training. The fit is great for riding and the fabric is light, supportive and provides good sun protection.

Thanks Melissa for this pattern. You’re really thorough with your testing process.
Thank you Funki Fabrics for this fabric and all the fabrics I’ve been provided with. I’m so thankful to be using such good quality lycra.


  1. Maria, your new cycling jersey is fabulous! Great fit, great fabric, great pattern. The use of the reflective tape is smart – lots of cyclists wear dark clothes that don't stand out. Are you planning more?


  2. Your top looks amazing, seriously professional and it's good to see some of your HK mountain of reflective tape getting a workout too!


  3. 6am?! I feel like a winner if I'm out on the road running before 9am. I LOVE the options of fabrics at that shop online. Is your material wicking in any way? I am so curious about their stuff. I can only imagine the shipping prices to the US!


  4. This is a great cycling top and you have sewn it beautifully, making it look like a high end RTW cycling shirt. Like Kathy Sews, could you please tell us what this fabric is like for wicking and is the quality of the lycra worth the postage from the UK ?? I have bought the pattern and I am ready to test fit with some lycra that I bought here in QLD. For the winter, you should try merino. I bought an Icebreaker merino cycling shirt and it is so warm and wicks really well.


  5. Judie. I've been comparing FF lycra to the local lycras and FF is much better. FF lycra doesn't say in chlorine. It keeps its colour. It's light weight and UV protective. I hope your business idea takes off.


  6. Sam, there's a lazy person inside of me somewhere I constantly battle with.
    And when I have a sewing idea, I just have to make it.


  7. Kathy, the fabric isn't wicking but I found it light and supportive. The humidity in the morning is not as bad as at 9am. I have cycled in the afternoon heat and burned more calories:)


  8. Thanks Marjorie. I'm looking forward to trying this top with merino in the Winter but that's a long time to wait.

    Funki Fabrics lycra is supportive, light weight, UV and isn't wicking. So while my ride was in hot and humid weather I didn't feel sticky or clammy. There was no real breeze but I can't say I felt like I was over heating.

    This fabric was provided to me by Funki Fabrics so I don't know their shipping costs. As a comparison the fabric I bought from Rose City Textiles US (5 pieces) cost $40 and I accept the o/s shipping if I can't get the fabric here. I've paid up to $30 from but again their fabric range is better than here.

    I hope this helps.


  9. Thanks Amanda. I was mad enough to sign up for a Breast Cancer triathlon (it's a fun thing and not competitive) in March hence my exercise war.


  10. You're very kind. I love speed.
    Yes. The nix are Jalie 3247 with no cycling chamoi. I'm still working on sewing cycling nix. I've had good success with this pattern too for both myself and my littlest niece.


  11. Thanks so much Maria for your help. I will see how my Qld fabric goes first before I order o/s. I have bought online from Marcy Tilton and the shipping costs have been well worth the beautiful quality fabrics that I ordered.


  12. I love your cycling jerseys! I haven't had the urge to sew my own…until I saw yours. I'm in the US so I'll have to see about finding a good source for quality fabric. I have soooo many cycling jerseys but only 2 that I really adore (one has dogs & one has an old VW Bus). Thanks for the inspiration!


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