Tech notes: Vogue 1344

The reviews for Vogue 1344 were pretty consistent so I knew what to change for my height ie short.

From Vogue’s sizing I made the 6 – even with my additional curves. I love a dress with an elastic for Summer:) This pattern is very forgiving.

I’ve used a bright lining print for this test version. 

The line drawing shows 4 pleats at the front and back shoulders. 
I felt the front pleat closest to my shoulders made a ‘side boob’ shape so I folded this pleat out of the real version.
The back shaping worked on me. There was no sway back issue to deal with because it’s got an elastic waistline. 
The versions I saw on the web looked great and because of my height I decided to also fold out the excess curve on the front skirt flounce. Pleats were my choice and not gathers for the front skirt flounce. The gathers form thought the elastic waist.

You’ll see the results of the two great John Kaldor prints – linen for Summer – I used from Minerva Crafts UK this week. 


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