Three in one

Using three Funki Fabric remnants, I decided to make an 80s throwback swimsuit using Kwik Sew 3064.

From the photo below you can see the front leg is lower than the mermaid racerback swimsuit. 
The body of Kwik Sew 3064 was long so I had to redo the straps and armholes. 
My shoulder slope so I added three straps across the back to stop the straps from falling off. 
From the back you can also see the back bottom is wider for more coverage. 

Both patterns have a built in shelf and I’ve used Funki Fabrics lining for this piece again. The lining fabric is very soft and supportive. 

The centre back seam is great if you have a sway back – which I do.

About the fabrics 

Funki Fabrics are a polyester print base and they are also: 

  • Ulta chlorine resistant
  • Pilling resistant
  • Shape retention
  • Two way stretch 
  • UV protective

The shape retention is the key feature I love (supportive fabric) and because our Australian Summers are so harsh, the UV protection is a bonus.

Thanks again Funki Fabrics. These fabrics work really well on the swimsuit patterns I’ve had in my stash for ages.

If you’re seriously considering sewing your own activewear, read Susan’s activewear post that she wrote earlier this year. Her sewing industry knowledge is priceless.


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