Tech post – Vogue 1407

This pattern Vogue 1407 is definitely eye catching. 

I liked how it gives the illusion of a waistline. So can you see why I sewed up those shapewear pieces from Jalie and CJ patterns last week? They are my ‘dress insurance’ pieces. 
The other ‘dress insurance’ I needed was to test this dress out with some stash fabric before I cut into my Minerva Crafts fabrics.
The test version has some purple stash fabric with a good amount of stretch, white mystery knit lining and some Tessuti remnant ponte.

Above is the dogtooth print from Minerva Crafts. I was able to lining up the front pieces correctly once I’d made the test dress. 

The problem with the test dress fabric was the purple fabric was very stretchy. There wasn’t much stability in it which is great but not so great when you sew in a zipper. Hence a bit of hand stitching. I could have made it without the zipper but I was testing the pattern – so the zipper stayed.

Lori from Girls in the Garden has made a great version with no zipper.

The zipper was a success. The centre back seam had a curve in it so I didn’t need to adjust it too much more for my curves.

And I think the pattern placement worked too. There were still some additional pattern tweaks to do – roll shoulder, neckline gap and hand stitching the lining on the next version.

So with the pattern sorted, I was ready for the real dress. You’ll see that later this week.


  1. I think your test version looks lovely! The print is really eye-catching! Good luck with your final rendition.


  2. Oh My! What a gorgeous dress. I really like how you tied the making of your shapewear into the overall process of sewing this dress. Fantastic!
    The fabric combo just blows me away. Well done!


  3. I haven't seen this pattern before, it looks amazing. I really like your test version, the purple and floral go really well together. Looking forward to the houndstooth version


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