Shapewear – CJ patterns Body shaper

When I originally saw this pattern (CJ patterns Body shaper) I didn’t realise how clever the shaping works to hold me in. It does hold me in and the fabric didn’t roll off shape.

Test version #1

The waistline is designed to sit 2 inches above the natural waistline and the legs are 6 inches or so above the knee. On me, the waistline sits 4 inches above my waistline. And in reality, that’s what I really needed to hold me in. 

Photo from CJ patterns

No elastic is sewn into this pattern.

The seam allowances are sandwiched in-between the two layers, so a smooth fit is achieved on both sides. I’ll be using this idea for future cycling nixs.

Both versions

This pattern comes in sizes 8 – 24. I made the 10 size.

When I made this is in the test version, I should have paid more attention to the construction notes and used two contrasting fabrics to make sure the seams were internal.

Christine suggests:
Power mesh, cotton/ LYCRA jersey, rayon, bamboo and modal/ LYCRA jersey. Fabrics need at least 60% stretch, both lengthwise and crosswise grain. The more % of stretch the better, and the snappier the recovery of the fabric the more shaping it will accomplish.

I wore the lace mesh version for a day and it sat comfortably. The only issue I had was the swooshing sound the fabric made when I walked. The sound was not as bad as a Seinfeld episode.

There was no need for a sway back adjustment. I’ll tweak the leg length on these versions. So I’m really happy with the outcome. The first pair took a couple of hours to cut and sew. The second pair took an hour to cut and sew.


  1. No amount of lycra is going to hold me in – as for power mesh – my tummy is much more powerful LOL. They look comfy though.


  2. Thanks for pointing out this pattern. I am definitely in need of something like this, but the store bought ones are so uncomfortable to wear. Good to hear that it works for you- I might just give this a try!


  3. I've actually found both variations I've made give my back a lot of support. So I think I need to work on my own back strength to be honest.


  4. Hmmm, I appreciate this review too… I'm interested that you can use the natural fibre/lycra jerseys too.. the synthetic stuff always puts me off. I love the Seinfeld reference!


  5. I've always wondered how it would be to sew my own shapewear. I think the most appealing thing to sew your own shapewear is the fact you can choose natural fibres. I can totally understand the swooshing reference I get that as well, but I'd rather that than the alternative 🙂


  6. Thanks Sophie. I still have another version on my sewing table as I'm still 'playing' with fabrics. I'm hoping to get a 'quiet version' to work.


  7. I agree. You can choose your own fabrics and natural fibres or fibres with wicking properties would be a logical choice.


  8. I'm so happy I found this post, this is exactly what I've been looking for!!!! I'm buying the pattern as soon as I get home!


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