Max’s jacket

My jacket collection was a bit tired and it’s now been updated using Silhouette Patterns Max’s jacket and fabric from Minerva Crafts UK. That huge grey button on the jacket was already in my stash.

I love a good cardi for the office although I wear jackets that aren’t restrictive.  
So this is a soft and lovely to wear jacket I can wear comfortably. I initially thought this fabric would have suited a weekend piece but I changed my mind when it arrived in the mail.

I loved how Annette made this fabric up last year and the frayed texture in a jacquard weave intrigued me. It’s a wool/poly blend and it’s also a clearance fabric. 

This year I bought a 12 month subscription of Silhouette patterns and this pattern has been waiting to be made up, as have 8 other patterns. 

Checking the front length back to the pattern.

What I’ve enjoyed the most about Silhouette patterns are webcasts Peggy puts on each fortnight. You can watch the replays anytime for free.

The webcast format usually begins with Peggy greeting us and answering a stack of questions for 15 minutes and then the topic begins and she continues to answer questions from ‘viewers’ as she goes for a full hour. Now that’s a commitment to making sure ‘we benefit’ from her industry knowledge.

So here’s my test version of Max’s jacket.

I wasn’t sure about piping so I used white. The frayed lines are white so I wasn’t introducing a new colour. I know white is not practical choice but I love how the white piping compliments this fabric.

When I wore this jacket a friend was mesmerised by the piping. She grabbed my jacket and looked at the piping more closely.
That kinda freaked me out when she looked really, really close at my piping. 
I think I passed inspection:)

Work in progress view
I originally went with the ribbon tie front but decided on the big, big button. I didn’t match lines but I think the lines going in the same direction on the fabric keep this fabric looking cohesive.
Neckline view

Dummy view

Real fit on me

Chuffed view

Really pleased view
I’m really pleased with this pattern. It’s simple to achieve and not fussy.

The other reason I’m pleased is because I’m more confident I can use this pattern with some Linton tweed pieces I bought with Manju’s assistance when we visited Carlisle.

Happy sewing.


  1. I have this pattern and made a muslin, but could not get the sleeves to fit in the armseye properly, they were all “twisted”. I even tried reversing them but still had the same issue. Did you have any problems with this?


  2. That is really lovely fabric and the jacket is really lovely on you. I think the proportions are just perfect for you. It looks so smart and I love those pockets too.


  3. Crazy fabric! I am so impressed with your patience for pattern marching and piping! I've never heard about this pattern company. Their webcast worth watching! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I do a standard forward shoulder adjustment to ensure all my tops sit well. The sleeve sits perfectly. You may need to workout an adjustment.


  5. I am in LOVE with this jacket Maria!! Spectacular! AND it looks so great on you! I would wear this jacket to threads if it were mine.


  6. I'm afraid I no longer have the muslin. I made it over a year ago, and when I couldn't get it to work I got rid of it. I even took it to a professional seamstress and she couldn't figure out the problem. She also said the jacket didn't hang right, the whole thing was skewed. I didn't make any cutting changes to the pattern, so just not sure what was happening. Thanks for your offer of help.


  7. Your jacket looks great. Can't wait to see it in the Linton tweed! I am still hoping to do a chanel style jacket….half way through watching the Craftsy course. Once I have done that I will have a go…maybe…


  8. I very much like the shape of that style. I think white was the right choice for the piping. I can't imagine it in another colour!


  9. Your jacket is fabulous. I love the fabric – the pattern provides the simplicity for the texture in the jacket to shine and the piping is just the icing on the cake 🙂 Yay!


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